Buy 3 Slip On Exhausts and get better Margins

To sell more Exhaust pipes, it helps if you have them on hand. To make it easier to stock and increase the profit margins on key products we are offering a 40% profit margin on BC Slip On Exhausts. This includes the popular Predator Pro Slip On Exhaust as well as our line of Performance Tips along with all other "Slip On Exhausts."

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Best Practices for Selling Exhausts

  • Display product on your floor models

    • Customized bikes set you apart and draw foot traffic
    • Sell more units of slow movers
    • Increase service revenue and parts sales

  • Keep extra units on hand for immediate sales

    • You are more likely to sell what is on the shelf
    • Beat online retailers by having stock on hand
    • Upsell service revenue with predictable install times
  • Offer installation and tuning services

    • Help your customer get the best performance
    • Become the go-to shop for all services
    • Up sell other maintenance products and services