Introducing Corsa Moto - Parts for Scrambler Ducati

Gardena, CA -- Throughout the 1990s and early 2000's, the custom motorcycle scene was dominated by extreme builds with ungodly price tags. Choppers were being built on popular TV shows, wild personas were being propped up, all the while the sport bike scene was flooded with Moto GP technology. 

While this was happening in the mainstream, a little known but extremely influential group of vintage enthusiasts carried the long forgotten flame of the "Café Racer." The origins of this style of bike begin in 1960s England. Triumph was the bike of choice for working class youth in those days. They cut up, narrowed, and hot-rodded their bikes to get every once of speed they could get on those early machines. Today this sub-genre of motorcycles is well known and almost ubiquitous.

Fast forward to the 2001 release of the retro styled Triumph Bonneville. In subsequent years additional models based on the 900cc Twin engine were released. As these bikes reclaimed their place in the garages of motorcyclists across the pond, a new "Café Racer" scene was born. Supplying many of these riders was a small Southern California based company called British Customs. 

Specializing in bolt on upgrades such as the popular Predator Exhaust and the go-to Fender Eliminator Kit, British Customs evolved alongside the burgeoning Neo-Café Racer scene. By 2015, they established themselves as a primary source for Modern Classic motorcycles. In that year, when Ducati release their long-anticipated Scrambler Ducati models, it was a natural fit for British Customs to bring their experience with the Triumph retro style bikes to the Scrambler Ducati. The result is Corsa Moto. 

Italian for motorcycle race, Corsa Moto is an extension of the Café Racer scene that has arisen over the last 15 years. Naturally this sub-genre has split into further sub-divisions-- Scramblers, Trackers, Brat Style. 

Corsa Moto is your source for Scrambler Ducati parts whatever style that fits your vision. As long as its custom.